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Angulated Access on AxIN®

Zirconia screw-retained tooth, closest to natural teeth

AxIN® screw-retained tooth benefits from an advanced solution of Angulated Access, for challenging indications not only in the aesthetic area, but also in all sectors, including small teeth.

The specificity of AxIN® is that the screw is included inside the prosthesis, and so an extra narrow channel of only 2 mm in diameter can be created, freely angulated from 0 to 25°. This innovation enables close to perfect restorations in terms of aesthetics and function.

NOÉMIA FERNANDES Laboratório Prótese Dentária - Anthogyr
Product, for the moment, exclusive for Anthogyr implants
NOÉMIA FERNANDES Laboratório Prótese Dentária - Anthogyr
NOÉMIA FERNANDES Laboratório Prótese Dentária - Anthogyr
  • Biosafety: Cement-free, mechanical retention.
  • Aesthetic optimization: Temporary angulated components for soft tissue preparation.
  • User friendly: Permanent screws are clearly identified thanks to their two-color black/titanium finish.
  • Reduced maintenance: access outside fragility zones, reduced risk of fracture.
  • For anterior and/or posterior sector.

Angulated Access on Multi-Unit For Simeda® multiple screw-retained restorations

The Angulated Access on Multi-Unit solutions is designed for multiple screw-retained dental restorations. They improve biological safety and aesthetic results and reduce maintenance. The screw is inserted through the screw channel with 10°, 15°, 20° and 25° angulations.

The Angulated Access on Multi-Unit are available on Anthogyr, Straumann® BL/BLT, Biomet 3i, Nobel Biocare, Zimmer, Global D and Biotech. They can be produced in titanium, cobalt-chromium and zirconia, without Ti-base, up to full arch.

NOÉMIA FERNANDES Laboratório Prótese Dentária - Anthogyr
NOÉMIA FERNANDES Laboratório Prótese Dentária - Anthogyr

Angulated Access on inLink® connection

The Angulated Access with inLink® connection improves the strength, design and aesthetic result of your Simeda® restorations. The inLink® Angulated Access lets you optimize both the emergence and dimensions of your screw channels.

The lock inserted through the bottom surface of the prosthesis allows you to create a channel measuring only 2 mm in diameter and offers free 0° to 25° angulation.

Available on Anthogyr dental implants, direct on Axiom® TL and through inLink® abutment on Axiom® BL.